Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is it possible?

I thought of putting on this race when I discovered this park in the spring of 2011.  Three weeks out, can it be done?  One more race before 2011 is brought to a close?  Dwayne G. pushed me over the edge...here we go!


  1. Heck Yeah!! this place is awesome!

    Dwayne G

  2. Which direction? Clockwise, I guess, based on the big stairs you have included. Similar to what I had mapped out as a course. I did imagine a true start on pavement, though. Starting to the right of the circle drive and cutting into the grass past the pavilion and going in a counterclockwise directions. What do the the different colored areas mean?

  3. I was thinking clockwise. Cyan are runups. The pin is the start. The red before the bottom left runup is the double barrier.

    The park could easily host a 2 day CX fest but 1 day to cut our teeth this year.

    I showed Dwayne some of the course today. If you want to swing by and ride with me, I'd like the input (and the help with setup/takedown on race day!!).

  4. Decisions, decisions- definitely thinkin about this one